FutureProof Level 1 — Vancouver


This 2 day intensive course is designed to equip Registered Massage Therapists with an advanced toolkit for assessment of functional mobility and neurological function, as well as a detailed frame work for manual myofascial techniques applicable to a variety of conditions and patient presentations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Perform a detailed postural assessment
  • Perform an assessment of segmental and global functional mobility
  • Perform a neurological scan for the upper and lower quadrants including dermatomes, myotomes, reflexes and neurodynamics
  • Perform myofascial manual techniques to the superficial front, superficial back and lateral lines in a structured manner
  • Apply clinical reasoning for application of assessment and treatment for simple to complex patient presentations in a structured framework
  • Apply the principles of test-retest throughout treatments
  • Prescribe mobility and strength exercises to enhance outcomes from manual techniques

**Note: Approved 14 CECs for Cycle 12 and Cycle 13**

Course Details

Dates: June 25-26

Times: 8am-4pm

Location: 235 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1C2, Canada

Waitlist: If the course is sold out, please join our waitlist here and to find out more about future course. 

Cancellation policy: Cancel within 1 week for full refund. To cancel, please email education@myodetox.com 

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